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Archives: Testimonials


I am a big fan of BUZ — they make my job exciting and easier. I am unable to function at peak levels without this…


The immediate and enthusiastic responses from BUZ Software really say a lot about the company, and show why BUZ are without rival!


We very firmly feel that switching to BUZ was a critical enabler in allowing us to dramatically improve our workflow and decrease the amount of…


Extremely responsive what I like most is it now runs at “Cloud speed” and our customers are able to enter their own orders.


Very satisfied. Reliable, Informative, useful. I like that it is a complete sales and manufacturing system.


Buz has been great for our Business it is extremely user friendly. The support from the Buz team is very responsive I believe the quick…


Very satisfied. What I like most is how easy BUZ is to use, and how it integrates with Xero so effectively. We all love the…

Ezy Blinds

loving the system it is making life a lot easier for us. I Love what BUZ have done with the system as its much better…